Michael Hanke, Fromagerie Combremont, Gourmino Käserei

Michael Hanke

Fromagerie Combremont, a Gourmino cheese dairy

Daring to try new things and experimenting; that's what makes the profession of cheesemaker interesting for me.

Fromagerie Combremont is an artisanal cheese dairy located in Combremont-le-Petit, a village surrounded by fields in the Broye region of Vaud. Thanks to a young, creative and passionate team, we produce and refine a variety of cheeses from local cow and goat milk. We make our specialties of soft, semi-hard, hard and blue cheeses, as well as the undisputed Gruyère AOP.
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I combine in my cheese dairy the best of my experience 

Growing up in a cheese-making family in the Allgäu (Germany), I have cheese-making in my genes. Before I took over my own business, I wanted to learn from the best in every discipline. That's why I worked in different companies - from small to industrial - and in 5 different countries. Today, I combine the best of all experiences in my own dairy, la Fromagerie Combremont.
Blumenwiese, flowering meadow
Käse-Könner, Michael Hanke, Fromagerie Combremont, Gourmino Käserei, Bleu de Combremont
Michael Hanke, Fromagerie Combremont, Gourmino Käserei

Fromagerie Combremont

I have completely rebuilt and renovated the cheese dairy after taking over in 2016. 

There is nothing that I can't make in my cheese dairy. The processes are set up efficiently, allowing me to experiment and make many other specialties in addition to my flagship product, Gruyère AOP.
Blumenwiese, flowering meadow

13 cow milk and 
2 goat milk suppliers

The milk suppliers are all within a radius of 4 kilometers to the dairy. The local processing of the fresh and rich milk is crucial for the quality of my cheeses. 
Blumenwiese, flowering meadow
Käsespezialitäten, Combramo, Bleu de Combremont

Cheese dairy shop

We offer a large selection of different cheese specialties from our own production and from partner dairies. We give pride of place to local artisan produce and create cheeseboards for events and special occasions.

Opening hours: 
Mon-Sat 8am-12am / 5pm-7pm
Blumenwiese, flowering meadow
Michael Hanke, Fromagerie Combremont, Käsereiladen
Michael Hanke, Fromagerie Combremont, Dorfkäserei, Gourmino Käserei

Facts and figures - A century of production and utilization of local milk

  • Cheese dairy tradition since 1851
  • 1923: Construction of the Fromagerie Combremont
  • 1991: Foundation of the "Société de Laiterie des 3 Villages" (cheese dairy of the 3 villages)
  • 2016: Takeover of the cheese dairy by Michael Hanke.
  • Number of milk suppliers: 16 (including 2 goat milk producers).
  • Amount of milk processed annually: 2.5 million liters
Blumenwiese, flowering meadow

About me


Fromagerie Hanke SA
Route de Lucens 8
1536 Combremont

T +41 26 666 00 97

Cheese shop opening hours
Mon-Sat 8am-12am / 5pm-7pm
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